The King Solomon’s Ring

The King Solomon was the King of Israel in the 10th century BC & was famous for his wisdom & the magnificence of some of his temples & cities. He once asked his councilors’ to design & make him a ring with special inscription which include words that could change his mood whether it was from the sorrow to joy or happiness to sadness.

The councilors wrestled with the given task by Solomon for a long time & ultimately succeeded to present him the ring with inscription “This shall pass too


Socrates said, remember that there is nothing stable in human affairs: therefore, avoid undue elation in prosperity & undue depression in adversity


Lasting change takes place inside..

buds3                                                                                                                                                                          Once there was a cat, which saw handsome young man & fell in love with him. She went to Aphrodite, the goddess of love, & requested her to transform her in to a woman as she might meet the young man & make him lover her. Aphrodite, feeling sorry for cat & her plight, agreed & changed her in to a beautiful woman. The young man fell in love with her (Cat converted) & their love converted in to wedding soon.

     The first night, while they were alone in their bedroom, Aphrodite, who could not resist her own curiosity as to whether the cat’s instincts had changed along with her appearance, let loose a mouse in to the room. The young woman, totally forgetting, where & who she was instantly leapt of the bed & chased the mouse in order to eat it.

   Aphrodite was disappointed with young woman’s behavior & changed her back to a cat.

 Morale: We may be able to change our behavior—but do we really change our inside nature!