By Iman K Junejo

World is full of those people who have dreams to get luxuries, love, peace, fun and adventures in their lives. Few of them get what they had looked for and few of them have withdrawn of it. What makes someone to hit the rock at right target? What drives someone to be consistent in his or her actions? What makes someone different than others? Have you ever tried knowing the real reason of such efforts that make people achievers?

To achieve what you have dreamed, you must have HUNGER to meet your desired state. Yes power of hunger is very useful way to get you out of bed earlier in morning, makes you untiring throughout your day. When we starve for food we become restless to kill hunger and this makes us to put real efforts. You have to find out what gives you life so that you can consonantly feed your hunger till you get it. Once you got hunger for what you really looking forward it works automatically to push you towards your goals.

If you want to grow first raise the intensity of your hunger towards your life goals. Yes more you feed your hunger more you put efforts. Life is to get it hard when you have hunger. No matter how big your dream is or how long it takes you to meet it, all you have to feed your hunger timely. Align your daily activities, do it every day, meet those people who share same interest of you or have achieved their goals, talk them, walk them, redesign your method, go hard, go crazy, feel your hunger every day every moment.


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