All You Need Is To Take Actions – By Imran K Junejo

We all have desires to become successful in life; everyone has his or her own definition of success. I think it won’t be wrong to say we have certain goals to achieve and become what we have dreamed of. As I have seen many of us talking that “I need to raise my income” or “I want to cut a few of Kilos to become fit and smart” or “I need to settle down as soon as possible” and so onbut having only interest to make things happen is not enough. Ifsuch concern or interest can play part alone many of us have been succeeded.

People are looking for miracles to happen but they do not do anything to make it happen, remember it is universal law to pay price of what you like to own. Our results are based on our inputs, we always complain about what went wrong in our way but never given a shot to think why it happened, what did go wrong. We start blaming others for our faults and dreaming or expecting smooth goings. People want to shape their lives but fail to do anything for it, rememberpowerful approach to shape our lives is to get ourselves involved into actions.

Actions…? Yes this is very interesting and learning way to improvise on journey to success. At first It may not generate the desired results very soon because different actions generate different results. Why? You might have heard of “Every action has its own reaction” and this applies to our lives as well. To improvise in our actions to produce desired results we need strong mental, emotional and physical association with our goals. Without commitment you might get tired and give up, to be committed to your goals and actions you have to be consistent in actions no matter what results you get, all you have to take control of your life because it is not one or two day job, keep striving, keep learning, keep doing until you meet your goal.


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