10 Problems at the Start of Innovation – By Irfan Ali

People plan many thing, numerous ideas come flying in the mind before creating a new business product and local or international services, however, only a few actually leave the drawing board. This happens because there are quite a few problems ahead of something which the world has yet to see. You can learn about some of the top ten problems at the start of innovation right in here.

The uncertainty looming over our heads

If this is your problem then you are not alone out there, as millions of people lose their chance to taste glory only due to the fact that they are just not sure what they actually want. This uncertain state of our mind actually destroys creativity and the motivation to pursue our innovative ideas. You need to have clear directives in order to stop the random thought process because the random thoughts will stall the innovation process.

Lack of ability to think of anything new

The core issue here is the limitation of the human mind. What we mean here is that sometimes you simply cannot seem to think of anything new which could slightly be considered as something near to an innovation. For innovation you need an infinite scope of thought. Brainstorming is necessary for developing a new business or a service.

Conventional thinking

Most people do not think out of the box and look to improve or use the existing practices to their advantage. The conventional though process can get your service or business running but this is not recommended in a long run.

Working under a boss

Brainstorming or working under a manager, who is your boss and will have the final say is one of the most disruptive elements regarding the problems at the start of innovation. You will never be able to widen your thinking horizons if there is something breathing down your neck to knock down any of your ideas which he/she does not approve of.

The fear of criticism

Criticism is the biggest problem at the start of innovation. Afraid of having your idea shot down by others will stop you from pursuing your objectives. Brainstorming in groups is certainly not recommended due to this particular problems as when too many people are present at the same place all at once only a few will have the courage to speak their mind while the rest will just listen and condone.

Too many ideas ruin the actual plan

So you have had an inspiring brainstorming sessions, then what? Well you will now have just too many good ideas in front of you which will just force you into believing that all these idea can be cramped in your innovation. It will be extremely difficult for you to leave out some ideas and execute the others. This dilemma will leave you in a state of limbo thus, hampering the innovation problem right from the start.

Some fancy ideas will remain vague

Some ideas will always remain vague, after finalising some brilliant ideas, overconfidence could slowly creep in and leave you with some vague ideas which will leave you confused and uncertain.

The termination from management

Your ideas will be screened by the management and ironically the far-reaching goals will be eliminated first due to high risk factor.

Redesigning by the development team

Okay so now you are happy that you innovative design got off the drawing board, but it will land straight in the hands of the development team, who will most probably have their own ideas about that particular product or service and make some appropriate changes, meaning that your product will certainly go through a lot of changes.

Assessment of worth of your innovation

The marketing team will always be looking down your shoulder have their say regarding the market value of your product. Before these people sell your service/product, you need to sell it to them, convince them and you shall see your baby come in this world.


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